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Dating single moms

Are single moms really so surprisingly beautiful?

The biggest touristic site Travelersdigest.com once again presented the traditional rate of countries with the most beautiful women of the world.’

It is quite characteristic of Ukraine to head the 1st ten of cities with the most beautiful moms. Moreover, Ukraine was included in the best 5 of countries with the most attractive feminine population.

There are no doubts that Ukraine is a motherland of the most beautiful moms from the whole world. For any foreigner visiting Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk, Nikolayev or Kherson (known as ‘bride cities’) is a real shock, that’s why it is hard to imagine that there may exist a place on the Earth with such a quantity of attractive, charming and sexy young ladies. It should be specially admitted that there is no definite pronounced archetype of a Ukrainian girl – all of them are completely different. Blondes and brunettes, red and chestnuts, slim and tall, short and lovely, just nice and having classical Slavic beauty. Furthermore, they are less haughty than girls from neighboring Russia. Guests from Ukraine are pleasantly surprised by a fact that Ukrainian girls deny a widespread myth about glamorous but dull women. Men note that they are very well educated, it is always interesting to talk to them about fashion, art and literature…

An ideal wife. What does a man who got married a single mom acquire?

At any age she keeps her beauty and physical attractiveness. She takes care of herself, controls her weight and works on her fitness and does physical exercises, visits beauty salons, chooses new hairstyles, make-up, dress and all this with taking account of husband’s desires. She tries to be captivating, looks well both at home and in company, gives her husband an opportunity of being proud of her when they are in public. She is coquettish to the extent, but she never crosses the edge of reason.

She manages time and values well. Maybe, she is not the best housewife in a city and not the best cook. Everything depends on her abilities. But she can’t be called an ideal wife if she devotes all her time to cleaning of a house forgetting about needs of her family or, on the opposite, plays with children for hours and forgets about her household duties. She knows how to allocate time properly and that’s why she manages to do everything.

An ideal wife makes an impact of femininity on everything she touches. Nice curtains, a basket with fruits, soft cushions, a carpet near a door, flowers, design plates above a crossbar, cheerful wallpapers – all this makes a house a comfortable place. An impact of femininity can be seen in the kitchen also. A cheerful tablecloth, nice dishes and a tasty smell of a freshly cooked supper…

She admits her husband’s achievements and admires his successes. She helps her husband to realize his significance, reminds of his abilities, expresses sureness that he is going to reach much in a business he chose for himself, helps to develop his self-respect and self-esteem. She is proud of her husband not because she should be according to her status of a wife but sincerely expresses admiration of her husband whom she chose for mutual life.

In Ukraine people like holidays. Therefore, here are a lot of special, branch-wise holidays, as for example the Day of metallurgist and the Day of cosmonautics. Not long ago in the calendar appeared another date – the 12th of February. More info

One can often hear an opinion of foreign men that Russian girls are the most beautiful in the world. This fair statement is based upon some facts.

In Western countries several dating agencies offer single men a new alternative to meet mail order brides - romantic tour to Ukraine- the country of the most beautiful women