OUR STAFF | Ukraine

It is notable that this professional holiday, the International day of dating agencies, is celebrated practically on the eve of St. Valentine’s Day. The holiday was registered by State Department of Intellectual Property of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the 1st of December 2010.
The idea of establishing a new holiday which belongs to one of Ukrainian dating agencies was accepted by many partner-agencies of the USA, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.
According to some data, the age of the history of dating agencies is more than 360 years! The first dating office ‘The bureau of meetings and addresses’ was opened in London on the 29th of September 1650. And since then it became quite popular to search for a mate by advertisement or through a dating service.

Dating services got their ‘second breath’ with the appearance of the Internet. Iron curtain which divided Europe, America and Russia in the beginning of previous year fell together with the Soviet Union and men from the whole world paid their attention to wonderful beauty of Slavic women. Only a lazy one could fail to use this situation. Dating services which offered acquaintances with Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian beauties grew like mushrooms after rain.
Methods of their work were changing together with a digital epoch, a dating service went through a long way from a primitive selling of addresses and emails to ultra-modern online services with the support of chats and video conferences, services of flowers delivery, multilanguage support and others. You can read about how Russian and Ukrainian dating agencies work now here for example. Knowing their methods of work it is much easier to find a fitting variant for yourself which will let not just achieve a result but considerably reduce a budget of a search for a good wife.
With every year a number of clients of dating agencies is increasing and information gradually but steadily moves from questionnaires to web-sites in the internet. In our epoch of total busyness dating agencies help lonely people find their second halves as lighthouses do. Thousands of people can thankfully say that they found a chance to love, be loved and create a family with the help of dating services!