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Reasons to date a single mom

Russia has never suffered nationalism, unlike many other countries of the world. Openness, hospitality and friendliness has always been characteristic of local people. Assimilation and blur of borders became the reason why on the whole territory of the country today it is impossible to find any full-blooded Russian person. Anthropologists are sure that racial amalgamation improves oneís health and a potential of a person. Here is the first reason why Russian moms are so beautiful.


No matter how fashion and tastes change in different times and in different countries, the main priority in the evaluation of beauty has always been signs of a good health: shiny thick hair, a healthy smooth skin and a thin waist. Though it is strange, despite of a relative imperfection of our ecology, nature of the sixth part of the land is much cleaner than in the western Europe. Itís an important factor for giving birth to healthy and nice children. No matter what temporary changes of fashion are, a fresh face color, a healthy color of cheeks and clean shiny eyes, a light walk will never seize being the main factors on podiums. An image of a healthy woman, a future mother of children attracts an attention of men on subconscious level. A Russian rosy beauty with nice thighs, big breasts, a thick plait and a slim waist conquers the whole world.

A Russian character

It has been proved long ago that an inner world of a person affects their appearance. Time draws all character traits on a personís face with wrinkles. Look how kind are old ladies living in Russia. Beauty, tenderness and femininity which is characteristic of Russian ladies becomes a wisdom in the old age.
An excessive emancipation has never been characteristic of Russian village and cities. A woman has always been a clever girl. She looks at her man with love and hope from the bottom upwards. Only this way it is possible to prompt him to deeds. Admired eyes of a bride Ė what can be better? Only a Russian mom obeys staying not conquered at the same time. No man will stay indifferent looking into the eyes of such a beauty. Proudness and softness, affection and self-respect are a killing cocktail for the whole menís population of the world.
In such a way, due to all these factors appeared the most beautiful mom in the world.