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According to ‘Associated Press’ there are a lot of ‘American Boys ‘applying to marriage agencies which are looking for them young and beautiful Ukrainian women. Over the past 10 years only in the USA the number of such marriages has doubled. "It must be a girl brought up in the old traditions, from a family where the father is/was the head of the family. I also would like to be a captain of my own ship," – this is the opinion of the most of the men from the United States and Western Europe who decided to find a bride by mail.
And of course they are using the services of Ukrainian dating agencies.

As we were told by the associates of the popular Ukrainian marriage agency odessa.dating, several large foreign companies in cooperation with local ‘mail order brides’ companies in Kiev, Odessa, Nikolayev and Dnepropetrovsk arrange for single men romance tours.

The price of such a trip with accommodation is expensive; it costs from 2 to 4 thousand dollars. The program includes specially arranged parties where men have the opportunity to meet with young girls. After a good organized cultural program, a dating, women’s fashion show of the beautiful bodies in swimsuits and incendiary dance many foreigners are able to find their happiness. The task is complicated because men only will meet a huge selection of the candidates, because in 10 days they visit 5-6 Ukrainian cities. And during each social party (the so-called speed-dating evenings) they can meet up to 300 single Ukrainian women.

Men who decided to attend the tours say they are tired of aggressive feminist women in their countries. They do believe the Ukrainians traditional, beautiful and sexy. Girls are sure that this is their chance to become rich and happy. And the age difference does not bother them at all.

"Yes, I want to find a foreign partner, because I need stability in my life. Our men often abuse women, drink a lot, there are a lot of divorces due to the financial insolvency of the men," - says one of the potential brides.

But the human rights activists believe that this is nothing else but a version of prostitution or human trafficking. The reason for this "tourism" they think is an economic situation in Ukraine. It is because of the poverty young girls are forced to seek a better life abroad.